It’s been said that a project can’t completely overcome a bad start. Thoughtful site development pays dividends in project execution, and throughout the life of the plant. Sega has a long history of working with our clients to develop and arrange their plant sites to take advantage of constructability, access, permit considerations, drainage, maintainability, future expansion, utilities, and human factors.

  • Site evaluations and selection
  • Procurement of updated boundary and topographic surveys
  • Procurement of updated geotechnical investigations and reports
  • Site layout
  • Use of geographic information systems to identify utilities, services, access, transportation, and site boundaries
  • Research and evaluation of applicable federal, state, and local code requirements
  • Drainage and detention/retention basin analysis and design to meet local codes
  • Access and transportation study
  • Review of potential site impediments: e.g., waterways, easements, wetlands, historical artifacts, public areas, flood plains, seismic concerns, and geotechnical concerns
  • List of likely permits that will be required
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