Services - Detailed Design - Mechanical EngieeringOur Mechanical Engineering Department utilizes a variety of software tools to provide value to our consulting services. These include proprietary programs developed internally as well as software such as the following:

  • Thermoflow™ Suite: comprehensive technical and cost estimation tool for coal- and gas-fired power plants including GT PRO®, STEAM PRO®, GT MASTER®, and STEAM MASTER® software package
  • CHEMCAD®: chemical process balancing software from Chemstations™
  • EndResult®: thermal calculation software developed by Sega
  • AutoPIPE®: pipe stress analysis and pipe hanger selection software from Bentley
  • AutoPLANT®: 3D pipe modeling software from Bentley

Planning Services

Sega’s Mechanical Engineering Department can provide assistance to plan for future plant or fleetwide needs. This includes review of new generation options, plant betterment options, or more comprehensive master planning. Our planning capabilities include the following:

  • New generation feasibility studies
    • Review of options for coal-, gas-, oil-, and biomass-fired steam/electrical generating facilities
    • Review of gasification systems
    • Economic and technical review
    • Plant modeling and “screening-level” design
  • Plant betterment studies
    • Equipment replacement and/or upgrade option review
    • Economic and technical review
  • Master planning
    • Review of historical steam, electric, and chilled water loads
    • Projection of anticipated steam, electric, and chilled water loads
    • Review of current and potential resources for meeting projected loads

Operations Services

The Sega Mechanical Engineering Department has extensive experience with plant operations and assessment of plant systems. These assessments may be triggered by safety concerns, a need for better documentation, and/or desire to increase plant/equipment efficiency, among other reasons. Following is a sampling of our operations-related services

  • Pipe surveying and assessments
    • Steam pipe modeling and stress analysis, including seismic review
    • Pipe support surveys
    • Piping and instrumentation assessment for documentation or drawing creation
    • Flow accelerated corrosion review
    • Applicable industry codes and standards compliance review
    • Turbine water induction prevention review and recommendations
    • Review of existing piping systems and recommendations for improvement
    • Non-destructive testing specification and coordination
  • Performance testing
    • Utilize industry standards such as ASME performance test codes (PTC) to develop performance testing procedures for client specific requirements. This could include
      • Biomass test burn plans
      • Combustion turbine acceptance tests
      • Coal plant performance and/or acceptance tests
      • Other plant equipment-specific performance
    • Coordination of performance tests
    • Preparation of performance test results
  • Performance monitoring
    • Utilize Endresult® software in combination with third-party software to gather plant data and calculate real-time performance
    • Provide packaged systems with hardware and software that interface to existing plant systems
    • Configure interface graphics

Design Services

Sega’s Mechanical Engineering Department has the capability to prepare design documents including the following sampling of drawings and specifications:

  • Schematic drawings
    • Piping and instrumentation diagrams (P&IDs
    • Process flow diagrams (PFD)
    • Mass and heat balance diagrams
  • Physical drawings
    • Piping and equipment layout, including 3D
    • Details and sections, including 3D
    • Underground utilities
    • Piping hanger and support drawings
  • Miscellaneous design drawings and/or documents
    • Piping isometrics
    • Piping design tables
    • Line and valve lists
    • Equipment lists
  • Specifications
    • Detailed equipment procurement specifications
    • Performance-defined equipment procurement specifications
    • Installation and construction specifications

We prepare our design for a variety of power plant systems, including piping and equipment design for the following:

  • Steam systems: boilers (package-type to utility=type, HRSG, WHRB), steam tunnels and distribution
  • Power generation systems: combustion turbines, steam turbines, and diesel generators
  • Cooling water systems: condensers, cooling towers, intakes, and circulating water pumps
  • Feedwater systems: feedwater heaters, deaerators, economizers, and pumps
  • Fire protection systems: hydrants, pumps, tanks, sprinkler systems, and dry-type
  • Compressed air systems: air compressors, dryers, receivers, and filters
  • Material handling systems: biomass fuel handling, coal handling, and ash handling
  • Fuel gas systems: pipelines, compressors, coalescing filters, metering, and pig stations
  • Water/wastewater treatment systems: reverse osmosis, demineralizers, softeners, filters, and tank

Construction Services

  • Technical field assistance
  • Pipe test and blow procedure preparation and oversight
  • Testing and inspections of plant mechanical systems
  • Start-up and commissioning support

Air Quality Control Support Services

The Mechanical Engineering Department supports the balance-of-plant work associated with air quality control equipment.

  • Draft capability analysis
  • ID fan upgrades
  • Compressed air requirements
  • Water treatment equipment
  • Material handling modifications (coal and ash)
  • Steam, air, and water piping design
  • Modifications to existing plant equipment
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