John Twitty Energy Center Concrete CCR Tank Design

IMG_0941The Concrete Bottom Ash Dewatering Tank to meet CCR compliance at City Utilities of Springfield, Missouri’s (CUS) John Twitty Energy Center is operational as of January 28th, 2016. This was a fast paced project for both Sega and CUS. Beginning in October of 2015, the design team’s task was to design a bottom ash facility that could be up and running by February. The final design includes two primary settling basins and a common clearwell tank. Bottom ash is pumped into one of the settling basins and ash transport water flows into the clearwell via three weirs. Pumps are mounted in the clearwell to supply the bottom ash sluice pumps with clear, recirculated ash transport water, which eventually transports bottom ash back to the settling basin. This process is repeated a few times daily and has been successful throughout the startup process. We are continuing to work with CUS to refine operation of the tank system, so it can be efficiently utilized to dewater the bottom ash before it is trucked offsite. We are proud to work with a great company like CUS to “clean up” their bottom ash handling and disposal process and ensure they stay in compliance with state and national laws and regulations.



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