Boiler Controls Upgrade Project

img_1961In October of 2015, the University of Northern Iowa (UNI) contracted with Sega to provide engineering services to upgrade controls on Boilers 3 & 4 at their campus power plant.  The facility generates steam used to heat and cool all facilities on the 12,000-student campus in Cedar Falls, IA.  The facility is also capable of generating approximately half of the electricity needed to power the main campus.

Most of the existing control systems at the plant were outdated.  Goals of this ongoing project are to replace existing equipment, program in modern control strategies to improve plant safety and performance, and integrate modern information system capabilities into the overall system, resulting in improved long-term plant operations.

After 13 months of planning and construction, UNI and Sega reached an important project milestone in late November:  multi-fuel operation of one boiler and completion of work on all balance-of-plant systems, including the steam turbine-generator used for campus electricity generation.

On December 1, the project will go into ‘cold storage’ for about three months, as the demands of winter at UNI prohibit us from taking any equipment down for the transition to new controls.  When warm weather returns in the spring, a 12-week construction period will begin, ending with the final commissioning of the system and permanent turnover to UNI.

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