Data Services

POWER’s data services focus on assuring the quality of data and the best use of data management strategies. We provide services to assess data quality, whether it’s for data acceptance, data migration, ongoing database maintenance, or an independent, unbiased data review. We offer an opportunity to improve cost efficiency associated with spatial database creation and maintenance.

Our team looks at your applications and process and helps identify changes that may provide higher levels of data integrity. In addition, our data services are designed to transfer skills to you and your staff for ongoing data management, which enables improvements of your operations and cost efficiencies.

Conversion Planning/Management

We help to determine which conversion techniques will best support your existing business processes, data, and standards. Our services may include the evaluation, selection, and management of data conversion vendors.

POWER provides oversight of data conversion activities, beginning with development of the conversion plan. We work with conversion vendors or your staff to define how converted data will be measured against the project’s data quality requirements. This results in a documented set of quality assurance procedures to ensure the quality of delivered data.

Programmatic Data Migration

Our data migration services help streamline your data sources into one fully integrated business system. Our experience shows that realizing this goal requires a structured methodology to ensure a complete and successful migration. Migration activities may include:

Data Maintenance

We help select the right data maintenance strategies for your project to ensure data integrity – initially and for ongoing data management.

These strategies include:

We monitor the accuracy of source data being introduced into the GIS, formulate a plan for correcting any data errors, and implement tools and processes to resolve errors and maintain the quality of data through ongoing inventory reports and data wellness programs.

Database Design

We specialize in spatial database design that matches your needs for integration and application use. Our team of skilled consultants reviews existing data in conjunction with application, interface, and operational requirements to produce a robust data model. The resultant data model leverages existing data and POWER’s industry knowledge to meet client-specific requirements. Fast and efficient modeling tools and methods are utilized to meet the stated data and performance requirements.