Business Development Team

Jeff Arroyo

Mr. Arroyo is the Director of Business Development at Sega. He has 30 years of consulting engineering experience in the power industry. His core competencies are renewable energy, fuels and combustion, and air pollution control systems. Prior to becoming the Director of Business Development at Sega, he was the Program Manager of Sega’s Air Quality Control Services Group. Mr. Arroyo can be reached at (913) 681-2881 (ext. 5131) or at



Keenan Johnson

Mr. Johnson is responsible for developing business opportunities across all of Sega’s focus areas, with emphasis on electric cooperatives, federal/state/district power clients, and construction contractors. He has experience working as a mechanical engineer involved in the design, construction, and construction management of new coal-fired central station power plants. Mr. Johnson also has experience working directly for electric utilities as a mechanical engineer, plant maintenance superintendent, plant manager, O&M manager(for both simple and combined-cycle power plants), project manager, and engineering manager. He can be reached at (913) 681-2881 (ext. 5265) or at


Kevin Kraatz

Mr. Kraatz is the Director of Field Control Services at Sega. He has over 35 years of experience with boiler and power plant controls-related projects including work at utility, industrial, and institutional facilities. His experience includes control system design, fabrication, construction, startup, testing, commissioning, and service. He has experience working as an instrumentation and electrical construction supervisor, senior control specialist, project manager, field service department manager and has provided related business development support to Sega’s Business Development Team. Mr. Kraatz can be reached at (913) 681-2881 (ext. 5137) or at



Edward McRae

Mr. McRae holds the position of Business Development Americas / Power Generation. With more than 35 years of experience in the power generation and industrial markets, Mr. McRae has worked for OEM’s and constructors, which combine to provide a strong understanding of project development, execution and achieving the client’s project goals. With a strong international background in client development and project vision creation, Mr. McRae seeks opportunities in conventional power, renewable power and emission control projects to help clients of Sega define their project vision and achieve that vision in a timely manner. Mr. McRae can be reached at (425) 499.2235 or via e-mail at


Nathan Ninemire

Mr. Ninemire is an Account Manager and leads Sega’s business development efforts for the district energy and institutional / higher education markets. Sega offers engineering and technical services to these markets that include planning, design, and field services for new and existing combined heat and power (CHP), steam generation, and electrical generation plants. He can be reached at (913) 681-2881 (ext. 5235) or at



Chris Rogers

Mr. Rogers has over 40 years of experience in the power industry including designing mechanical systems for large central generating and gas-fired combustion turbine projects. Chris is a Business Development and Project Manager for Sega and is responsible for risk management, contracts, and Sega’s safety program. He has also served on design teams, as chief mechanical resident engineer, and as a site engineering manager during construction. In addition, Mr. Rogers has performed engineering reviews for project financing and resource planning, construction monitoring, and performance testing of numerous generating facilities. He can be reached at (913) 681-2881 (ext. 5421) or at

Lars Scott

Mr. Scott has over 20 years experience in power plant development, chemical process plant development, pipeline engineering, and water treatment plant design. He has led project finance and corporate finance due diligence teams. He is experienced in financial modeling on projects that involve power and chemical process plants. Mr. Scott can be reached at (913) 681-2881 (ext. 5122) or at



Max Sherman

Mr. Sherman is a Business Development and Project Manager for Sega and has more than 35 years of power industry experience. He has been responsible for development of power generation and transmission projects, asset management, and oversight of nuclear, coal, and gas-fired generating plants and power marketing for utility and non-utility affiliates. Mr. Sherman can be reached at (913) 681-2881 (ext. 5451) or at