RenewablesThe power industry is currently experiencing significant change as a result of stricter environmental regulations, a rapid move to cleaner fuels, policy-maker concerns on greenhouse gas emissions, the rapid expansion of renewable energy, and a move to distributed generation. Plant owners are facing difficult decisions between upgrading or replacing generation. Because of these changes, you need a firm with a proven track record of delivering successful power generation projects. At Sega, we deliver high quality projects at a fair price with a strong customer focus.

With the increasing pressure to move towards non-carbon generation, we have built on our extensive power generation experience to provide solutions to our clients in determining and implementing renewable energy technologies into their generation portfolio. By presenting unbiased information, we will help you evaluate your options including gas-fired combined heat and power (CHP) and renewable energy generation.

Our Services

We are responding to this changing environment by offering services to evaluate, plan, permit, design, procure, construct, manage, and startup all types of new and efficient gas-fired and renewable energy generation projects. We assist clients to determine the appropriate renewable energy alternative, from the myriad of options, including biomass, solar, landfill gas, waste-to-energy, wind, geothermal, and hydroelectric generation.

Solar & Wind

We have provided engineering services for several renewable energy, and more specifically, solar energy and wind-related projects. These services have become a growing facet of our practice. We are actively seeking more opportunities to implement solar (PV and thermal) and wind generation projects for our clients. Our recent solar- and wind-related projects include:

•  City Utilities of Springfield – Equipment Specification for Photovoltaic Solar Installation

This project consisted of providing an equipment specification and bid evaluation for a 5-MW photovoltaic solar installation.

•  Abengoa/Midwest Mech. – 250 MW Concentrated Solar Plant

•  City of Rock Falls, IN – 15-kW Rooftop PV System

•  City of Independence, MO – 10 MW Solar PV Plant

•  KCP&L – GMO Greenwood 5 MW Solar Plant

•  PowerSecure – 138 MW Utah Wind Farm Interconnect


In the future, we anticipate a continued increase in the combustion of carbon neutral fuels to produce steam and electricity. For biomass applications, we have the expertise to provide economic and technical support for biomass and combustion in existing wall, tengential, cyclone, and stoker-fired boilers and biomass combustion in new CFB and BFB boilers. Our recent biomass projects include:

•  University of Missouri – Bubbling Fluidized-Bed Boiler Addition

This project included the demolition of an existing coal-fired circulating fluidized-bed boiler and the installation of a new bubbling fluidized-bed boiler firing 100% biomass.

•  Eastern Illinois University – Two Biomass Gasifiers

•  KCP&L, Sibley Unit 2 – Biomass Pellet Test Burn

•  Northern Michigan University- Biomass CHP Plant

•  Red River Army Depot – Biomass Boiler Addition

•  University of North Carolina – Wood Chip Demonstration Testing

Waste-To-Energy & Landfill Gas

In recent years, the production of natural gas, steam, and electricity from landfill gas facilities and waste-to-energy plants has become more prevalent throughout the U.S. Sega has the experience designing gas piping systems, gas conditioning systems, compressor stations, and the BOP equipment systems associated with interfacing them to reciprocating engines and combustion turbine/heat recovery steam generators. Our recent waste-to-energy and landfill gas projects include:

•  Ameresco – Landfill Gas-to-Energy Plant (Jefferson City, MO)

Sega provided mechanical and structural design for the installation of new landfill gas conditioning equipment with downstream HRSG.

•  Ameresco – Landfill Gas Cleanup/Compressor Facility (Laubscher Meadows)

•  Ameresco – Landfill Gas Cleanup/Compressor Facility (Livingston)

•  Ameresco – Landfill Gas Cleanup/Compressor Facility (McCarty Road)

•  BFC Gas & Electric- Waste-to-Energy Plant

•  Hess, Hawkeye & Myrtle – Gas Compression Facilities

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