Sega has extensive experience providing engineering services for combustion turbine projects. This includes both peaking and combined-cycle plants. These projects consist of 30 combustion turbines that provide approximately 2500-MW of power. Our delivery system is project specific and has ranged from Owner’s Engineer to EPC Contractor’s Engineer. We will work with you for the best approach to your project.

Sega’s design has included projects with the following equipment:

General Electric

  • Frame 7EA
  • Aero LM2500
  • NexGen LM6000
  • PC Sprint LM6000
  • Classic LM6000


  • 251 B12
  • V84.3
  • 501 D5A

Pratt & Whitney

  • FT8 Twin Pac


  • Titan
  • Taurus


  • 6541
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