MU PlantCombined Heat and Power (CHP) is an efficient method of meeting the thermal and electricity needs of clients in campus or industrial environments. Traditional thermal power plants convert about 36% of the fuel input into electricity, with most of the other 64% lost as low grade thermal energy. A CHP plant will utilize this low grade energy for thermal uses (heating, chilling, process), displacing steam generated by traditional boilers. The Department of Energy (DOE) recognizes the potential for CHP and is currently leading a national effort to generate 20% of national electricity with CHP by 2030. This effort includes partnerships with various organizations, including the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA.)

Sega is a proud member of the EPA CHP Partnership and appreciates the opportunity to help our clients achieve positive outcomes by using CHP. For nearly 30 years, we have provided quality services in support of the design and operation of CHP and cogeneration facilities. We offer services that meet client needs at any point within a project from concept development, through project execution, and operation. Our size and experience allow us to be a flexible and effective extension of our clients’ teams for these projects. We support the needs of our clients to make their projects successful.

The following provides a list of our typical clients, project deliverables, technologies/fuels, and services. Some featured CHP projects are presented to demonstrate our strong experience. In addition, we’ve assisted our clients with projects at cogeneration facilities that include the addition of steam and electrical generation equipment (Click here for more information.)



Our clients include Owners, contractors, equipment manufacturers, developers, ESCO’s, and project lenders.

Learn more about CHP and District Energy
Infographic: Learn more about Combined Heat and Power


Project Deliverables

We deliver projects with approaches that meet our clients’ needs, from traditional design-bid-build delivery methods to design-build solutions.



Our experience includes the application of CHP plant solutions that utilize a variety of fuels and technologies. This includes more traditional fossil fuels (coal, gas, fuel oil) to renewable fuels (biomass, landfill gas, others.) This includes steam generation equipment that includes fuel-fired boilers and waste heat recovery through waste heat boilers or heat recovery steam generators. Waste heat may be available from combustion turbine exhaust gas, digester gas, or other process sources.



Planning and Technical Studies
New CHP plant installation
Boiler installations
Combustion and steam turbine installations
CHP plant betterment
Controls upgrades
Air quality equipment planning, permitting, and installation
Burner replacements
Fuel conversions
Diagnostic and tuning services
Controls configuration


Featured Projects


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