Markets - Power Delivery - SubstationsThe reliability of any power delivery system depends on the integrity of its substations. Our engineers have experience with “greenfield” designs as well as upgrades and retrofits to previously developed sites. This experience allows us to overcome the challenges of substation engineering. Our designs are based on the latest industry codes and operational experience. Sega’s substation services include the following: specifications and drawings for site development and permitting, foundations, civil/structural design, electrical design, integration of electrical equipment and related components, grounding, oil containment, and system protection and controls.

Substation Design Services

An integral part of substation, transmission and distribution line design is the civil and structure design component. Our civil/structural engineers are well versed and equipped to support these areas as the project requires.

  • Physical arrangement: topographic maps and surveys
  • Civil site design: grading, cut, fill, stormwater, landscaping, lighting
  • Geotechnical review
  • Survey and LiDAR review
  • Environment studies
  • Foundation and pier design
  • Major equipment procurement: transformers, circuit breakers, switchgear, and capacitors
  • Packaged equipment procurement: bus, insulators, switches, and instrument transformers
  • Buildings and steel structures
  • Roads and parking
  • Permitting support
  • Bills of material

Construction Services

As a service to our clients, Sega’s Power Delivery staff is prepared to provide our clients with construction management and engineering support during construction and/or inspection depending on the project needs for substations, transmission and distribution construction.

  • Construction and erection contract management
  • Equipment factory inspections
  • Construction inspection
  • Check-out services (punch list)
  • Equipment expediting
  • Coordinate training
  • Documentation

Electrical Design and Engineering Services

  • Physical design
  • General arrangement plans: planned and ultimate plans
  • Electrical one-line diagrams
  • Electrical three-line diagrams
  • Raceway layouts
  • Energization procedures: outage plans and coordination
  • Relay design and settings
  • Protective relaying and metering design and procurement
  • Electrical AC and DC schematics design
  • Integration of intelligent electronic devices (IED)
  • Scada interface and implementation
  • Control house layout
  • Grounding system design
  • Lightning protection: shield angle or rolling sphere methods
  • Bus design
  • Major equipment procurement: transformers, circuit breakers, switchgear, capacitors
  • Packaged equipment procurement: bus, insulators, switches, instrument transformers
  • Relay panel and control enclosure bills of material
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