Markets - Power Delivery - Related ServicesPlanning & Technical Services

  • Planning studies and reports
  • Distribution system modeling
  • Substation direct stroke shielding and rolling sphere
  • Transmission line routing
  • Substation siting
  • Conceptual designs and budgetary cost estimates
  • Utility communications systems
  • Protective device coordination

Specialized Technical & Management Services

  • Equipment expediting
  • Equipment factory inspections
  • Major equipment procurement: transformers, circuit breakers, switchgear, capacitors, control house, relay panels, and transmission poles
  • Packaged equipment procurement: transmission materials, steel structures, bus, insulators, switches, and instrument transformers
  • Construction/erection contract(s) for engineering, procurement, and construction
  • Construction monitoring
  • Functional testing assistance and oversight (coordination)
  • Energization and commissioning coordination
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