Electric power generation and the transmission and distribution of electricity go hand-in-hand. Both are equally important in terms of accomplishing the same goal: producing low-cost energy and delivering it efficiently and reliably to the end user.

Sega helps their clients by providing a single source professional services solution for all of their power system needs. Our Power Delivery Department specializes in delivering technical solutions for electric transmission lines, distribution lines, system protection and control, and substations through planning, siting, permitting, engineering, design, and project management services.

Sega’s staff has experience in a broad range of projects from 15-kV feeder additions up through 500-kV transformer replacements. We can design and support new construction services for substations, substation upgrades, transmission lines, line relocations, new distribution feeders, and distribution under-build on transmission lines. Substation projects typically include new relaying or retrofitting existing relay panels, controls/SCADA, and communication equipment. Bottom line, we can help you achieve a successful project no matter the size or scope.

Typical Technical Planning and Studies Services

  • Basis of design/design manual
  • Power system modeling
  • Voltage regulation evaluation
  • Power factor correction
  • Short-circuit duty analysis
  • Protective device coordination
  • Reliability evaluation
  • Site evaluations and selection
  • Site development: roads, utilities, earthwork, stormwater, etc.
  • Building specifications
  • Screening/hardened perimeter walls

Typical Project Management and Procurement Services

  • Scope development
  • Schedule development
  • Vendor management
  • Project status reporting
  • Project communication
  • Risk management
  • Contract management
  • Bid evaluation
  • Single point of contact

Typical Field Services

  • Construction services
  • Control functional checks
  • Troubleshooting
  • Maintenance planning
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