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  • Basin Electric Power Cooperative, Leland Olds Station, Unit 1, Bismarck, North Dakota

Leland Olds Unit 1 is a 240-MW pulverized-lignite fired generating unit. This upgrade replaced an existing DCS, incorporating into the Emerson controls new subsystems and coincident turbine and boiler upgrade projects. Plant control systems and equipment replaced were: combustion controls, burner management, balance of plant, data acquisition and alarm, turbine controls with EHC, Fieldbus I/O, water intake structure remote I/O, BTG console, transmitters, and miscellaneous control devices.

  • Associated Electric Cooperative, Inc., Thomas Hill Energy Center, Springfield, Missouri

Sega provided all engineering services required for the replacement of existing control and information systems to resolve equipment obsolescence problems and to provide the more complex control strategies required for fuel conversion to Western coal. Plant systems that were replaced include combustion control, burner management, data acquisition, alarm/sequence of events, motor control, and BTG board.

  • Ameren, Labadie Power Plant, St. Louis, Missouri

Obsolete control and instrumentation systems were replaced on four coal-fired generating units. All are similar 600-MW pulverized-coal drum-type units with identical Alstom (CE) boilers. Units 1 and 2 have Westinghouse steam turbines and Units 3 and 4 have General Electric steam turbines. Plant control systems and equipment replaced for each unit were: combustion control, motor control, data acquisition, digital alarm monitor, sequence of events, turbine controls (Units 1 and 2 only), interfaces to ash handling and coal handling systems, interfaces to sootblowers and precipitator controls, BTG consoles and vertical control panels, transmitters, I/P converters and positioners, and control valves.

  • University of Massachusetts Medical Center, Worcester, Massachusetts

Sega has completed several projects at the UMass Medical Center central plant relating to field control services and control system upgrades. The medical campus uses a variety of control and building automation systems from manufacturers including Eaton, GE, Siemens, Allen-Bradley, Honeywell, and Johnson Controls. Sega’s upgrades include: Balance-of-Plant (BOP) PLC Controls upgrades, Human-Machine-Interface (HMI) upgrades, network communication configuration, interfacing with campus control systems, historian deployment, boiler tuning, and real-time performance monitor deployment.

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