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Sega knows the challenges involved with operating and controlling your plants. Whether you are building a new unit or need to improve the efficiency of a mature unit, there are significant advantages of a training and testing simulator designed and built by a firm that specializes in control system programming.

We can provide cost-effective, high-fidelity operator training simulators utilizing the same control logic and operator interface as the actual plant. We do not use reference plant templates or libraries of typical plant conditions. Your simulator will mimic your start-up conditions, heat balance, and failure response.

Your Operation and Control Challenges

  • “How do we test the control logic for our new unit before it is operational?”
  • “How can we get more efficiency from our older units?”
  • “After the control upgrade, how will we know how the plant will respond to the changes?”
  • “We’ve got to train our new engineers and operators, but we can’t let them learn on the live unit. What options do we have?”
  • “How can we operate our plant effectively, but still reduce costs?”

Questions like these are being asked every day by plant operators, technical staff, and company management. They need timely solutions to these challenges that are crafted for each plant’s unique conditions and specific business drivers.

Your Benefits

Our simulators provide you with a state-of-the-art operator training system allowing the plant operator to perform the same control actions and see the same results as the actual plant. You will have the ability to rigorously test new control logic before it is implemented on the running plant. Your technical staff will have an off-line platform for learning loop tuning, testing equipment upgrades, and developing maintenance procedures.

Simulator Functionality

Our operator training simulators and instructor stations incorporate advanced simulation functions including:

  • Snapshot/replay
  • Equipment malfunctions
  • Structured proficiency testing
  • Custom instruction graphics

Complete Solutions

We can customize a simulator that is virtual, hybrid, or any combination of hard-panel controls, flat panel displays, and control hardware. We will provide a stand-alone simulator or incorporate the simulator into a complete control system upgrade. We have experience integrating simulators into a wide range of DCS systems, PLCs, and turbine/boiler systems. We can perform design and troubleshooting on existing simulators or provide training in simulator operation and functionality.

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