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Sometimes your challenge is not just to make the best decisions for the operation and profitability of your plant or system. Instead, your challenge can be to simply find a way to obtain the information you need and present it in a format that is usable and allows you to set a basis for decisions. Information technology and data management are ever changing and rapidly evolving areas. Specialized resources are needed to make the most of your business data and information’s potential.

Controlling Information

Sega’s information technology and information management solutions focus on solving complex business problems using integration technologies. We improve information flow and data organization and perform complex calculations to display unique bottom-line results. Improving how information flows, where it flows, and how it is presented using Internet-based tools and standard software packages allows proactive decision making by providing real-time visibility into internal operations and external marketplaces.

We help you succeed by using our understanding of the energy industry’s needs, and the associated equipment, to leverage control system and Internet technologies. You will successfully achieve better efficiency, increased revenue, and improved profit with better access to critical decision-making data and reports.

Since we use standard, off-the-shelf software and are not limited by vendor dependencies, you will benefit from minimal software licensing and easy upgradability.

Focus Areas

Our Information Technology services areas fall under these categories:

  • Engineering tools – EndResult
  • Web-based information system – ePower
  • Performance Monitoring and Information System – PMIS
  • Energy Optimization Program – EOP


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