Markets - Control Systems - Field Control ServicesWe will come to your facility and listen to your ideas, problems, budget, and schedule limitations and will craft a solution that fits your unique situation. You will benefit from services such as system integration, configuration, application programming, loop tuning, panel fabrication, training, maintenance, and startup.

We will work at your site and closely with your plant personnel to ensure your project gets undivided attention. After understanding the problem, we will propose options to improve the status, reliability, efficiency, or features of your energy and steam production equipment, control equipment, engineering software, electrical equipment, and process equipment. Using our trademark flexibility and customized services, we can provide a wide variety of services. We can support any part of the project life cycle from conception to startup and maintenance.

Controls – Field Control Services

We have the resources and application-specific expertise to provide cost-effective solutions and services for a wide variety of plant systems including:

  • Steam distribution
  • Energy management
  • Compressed air
  • Chilled water
  • Electrical distribution
  • HVAC and lighting optimization
  • Emissions monitoring
  • Burner management
  • Combustion controls
  • Plant information systems, including user interfaces
  • On-line performance monitoring systems
  • SCADA systems, including radio and satellite control of remotes

Energy – Field Control Services

As power plants age, problems like equipment failure, tube leaks, and outdated controls will have to be addressed. Perhaps regulation changes will require modifications to plant equipment or demolition and construction activities. If you’re building a new plant, you’ll have to deal with unexpected roadblocks during construction and startup. You’ll face questions like these:

  • “Should I only repair what’s needed in the short-term or should I consider the value of upgrading/retrofitting major portions of the plant or controls?”
  • “Do I have the staff and skill set to support all the technical field activities and project management activities?”
  • “Who will perform the plant commissioning activities?”

It doesn’t matter if your plant is 50 years old or only 5 months into construction. You need experienced professionals on site and delivering solutions. Our energy field control staff will work to limit down-time, work around running equipment, integrate old and new equipment, and maximize the value of your investment. We help field customers solve their energy related technical dilemmas by listening to your needs, adjusting our work as needed, and caring about your success.

Industrial – Field Control Services

Industrial facilities and manufacturing plants face complex technical and competitive challenges. Down time is simply not an option. Industrial facilities can’t compete with poorly functioning equipment, inefficient processes, outdated controls, or high failure rates. You’ll benefit from services such as system integration, configuration, application programming, loop tuning, panel fabrication, training, maintenance, and start-up.

Rely on an Expert

We have broad experience in power plant construction activities, start-up solutions, testing and tuning, feasibility studies, monitoring and diagnostics, and training. In addition, we are experts in power plant equipment including boilers, turbines, water and steam processes, electrical equipment, wiring, control systems, piping, facilities, and information technology.

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