KCPL-La-Cygne-Ash-Handling5The management of Coal Combustion Residuals (CCR) is an ongoing challenge for utilities. As regulations become more stringent, Sega has adapted in order to provide solutions. We are keenly aware of the growing trend for conversion of traditional wet ash handling systems to dry systems. As a result, Sega has extensive experience studying, designing, and overseeing the installation of fly ash and bottom ash handling systems at coal-fired power plants as an owner’s engineer or as a partner to ash handling vendors. We can also provide solutions within an EPC contract.

As a multi-disciplined engineering services firm (civil, structural, mechanical, electrical, and I&C engineering), Sega can help navigate the process of CCR Rule and Effluent Limitation Guidelines (ELG) Rule compliance, evaluate options, and construct a solution. Because we have clients across the continent with varied power generation facilities, we have extensive experience that we will apply to your project. In addition, we have successful relationships with ash handling vendors across the globe.

Common services Sega can provide for your ash handling project:

  • Wet-to-dry ash handling conversion studies/design/implementation
  • Conceptual studies of ash handling systems to meet client requirements
  • Equipment procurement specifications, preparation, and bid evaluations
  • Construction specifications, preparation, and bid evaluations
  • Detailed design of balance-of-plant systems
  • Installation drawings for plant systems and equipment erection
  • Customized application software and logic (when requested)
  • Cost estimates and Budgetary Planning
  • Field support and Construction Management


Relevant Experience:

•  Alliant Energy- Unit 2 Ash Handling Interface

•  Ameren – Labadie Units 1 and 2 Economizer Ash Capture

This project consisted of an economizer ash capture study including the design of baffles in the economizer ductwork.

•  Ameren- Meramec Ash Handling System

Sega reviewed the current status of the fly ash control integration with DCS.

•  Associated Electric Cooperative, Inc.- New Madrid Ash Silo Modifications

This project included the addition of fly ash conditioning equipment to an existing two fly ash silo installation to allow discharged fly ash product to be hauled in open trucks to landfill. The work also included an upgrade of the water supply system for fly ash conditioning equipment.

•  Associated Electric Cooperative, Inc.- New Madrid Fly Ash Silo Modifications

This project featured a bottom modification from a “flat-bottom” to a “conical bottom.” This modification helped eliminate dead spots where fly ash accumulated and fires had occurred.

•  Associated Electric Cooperative, Inc.- Thomas Hill Fly Ash Silo Unloading Modifications

This project included the modification of existing fly ash silos. The silos now provide ash conditioning unloaders the ability to mix fly ash with water prior to discharge into open trucks for hauling the material to a new AECI landfill.

•  City Utilities of Springfield- John Twitty Energy Center Concrete CCR Tank Design

Sega designed a bottom ash facility that includes two primary settling basins and a common clearwell tank. This facility is used to dewater the bottom ash before it is trucked offsite.

•  City Utilities of Springfield- John Twitty Energy Center Fly Ash Carryover Modeling

Sega designed a support structure with auxiliaries for a new dustless fly ash unloader. Services included the mechanical design for air slide equipment, ventilation of equipment, and water connections.

•  City Utilities of Springfield- James River Power Station Dry Ash Handling System

The modification of hydraulic fly ash systems discharging to onsite storage pond to dry pneumatic (vacuum) conveying systems for Units 1 through 5. This EPC project included the addition of two bolted steel storage silos with a covered drive thru unloading bay.

•  Independence Power & Light- Blue Valley Power Station Ash Removal

This project included the installation of a single-vessel fly ash filter/separator, bin vent filter, controls, and auxiliary equipment for common use by 3 generating units with combined electric generating capacity of 93-MW.

•  Independence Power & Light- Missouri City Wet-to-Dry Ash Conversion

A wet-to-dry ash systems conversion project for both bottom ash and fly ash.

•  Kansas City Power & Light- LaCygne Generating Station Ash Handling Upgrade

This project included the design and procurement of the Unit 1 replacement bottom ash system. This consisted of three submerged drag chain conveyors for quenching and dewatering the slag and two belt conveyors for slag removal from the cyclone boiler to a discharge storage bunker away from the unit.

•  Tennessee Valley Authority- Bull Run Gypsum & Bottom Ash Dewatering Facility

This was a Contractor-led EPC project for a bottom ash & gypsum dewatering facility. The facility intercepts and dewaters bottom ash and scrubber slurry into dry solids that can be trucked offsite for disposal.

•  Tennessee Valley Authority- Gallatin FGD By-Product Conveying and Storage Facility

This was an EPC project for a dry scrubber by-product removal and storage facility. The site utilizes dry vacuum transport systems and elevated concrete storage silos for loading trucks with conditioned scrubber by-product.

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