Sega recognizes that it is necessary to address emissions from existing plants given the current regulatory, economic, and public perception landscapes. In fact, proper navigation of emissions reduction options can provide utilities with opportunities in new markets and improved relationships with various stakeholders.

Sega’s compliance planning studies address the issues associated with multiple regulations including: BACT, MACT LAER, BART, and CSAPR with a specific project approach suited to each regulatory driver. Our Air Quality Services professionals offer exceptional experience and guidance for your compliance planning considerations. We can provide multi-pollutant (NOx, SO2 and SO3, PM, Hg, and CO2) compliance plans for a particular unit, or provide solutions for an entire generation fleet by considering multiple plants from an all-inclusive vantage point. Sega’s solutions are comprised of the following deliverables and solutions:

  • Knowledge and understanding of a multitude of pollution reduction technologies that will be tailored to your specific considerations. Sega treats each unit as unique and we realize the importance in understanding unit specific issues such as: combustion considerations, ductwork arrangements, footprint availability, draft considerations, and outage schedule implications.
  • Capital and O&M costs developed for each compliance scenario that will facilitate a thorough understanding of economic impacts.
  • Seamless integration with permitting and regulatory considerations. Sega can assess whether a retrofit project would result in a significant emission increase thus triggering air permitting requirements under New Source Review and New Source Performance Standards.
  • An optimized solution for each unit or an entire fleet of assets that will allow you to address today’s compliance concerns while making provisions for future regulatory or legislative impacts.
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