Sega’s Air Quality Services Department strives for the most economical, yet highest quality solutions for coal, oil, biomass, and gas-fired electric generating and steam production plants. Our air quality services allow us to be committed, flexible, and responsive to your air quality control and permitting needs throughout the operating life of your energy production facility.

Sega’s experience and knowledge of regulations, permitting requirements, and air quality control equipment allow us to analyze, select, and design the most cost-effective technology for the application. Our emissions compliance and permitting experts have a track record of successfully orchestrating the overall permitting process and providing key strategic input to the owners, engineers, and regulatory agencies. In the area of air quality control technologies, our engineering staff can cost effectively reduce emissions while meeting government mandated regulations. Our roles on emission reduction projects vary from performing strategic planning studies, supporting retrofit projects as the Owner’s Engineer or Design Engineer, commission and startup on new emissions control equipment, and assisting with ongoing emissions and regulatory compliance.

We are fully aware of the specific complexities existing in each permitting and retrofit situation, and we have the experience to meet these challenges. Whether it is reducing emissions, addressing New Source Review issues, complying with boiler MACT and utility MATS regulations, developing plant-specific or system-wide compliance plans, or assisting with the permitting process, we can provide the technical expertise necessary to bring your facility into compliance and stay in compliance.

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