The EndResult® Performance Software provides all the additional tools needed to transform your off-the-shelf spreadsheet program into a sophisticated performance monitoring and information system. Combining the power of the EndResult® Performance Software with the power of a Microsoft® Excel spreadsheet saves you time and money because:

  • Up-front hardware and software costs are extremely low.
  • Learning curve is limited to operating a spreadsheet.
  • Existing calculations can be easily integrated into EndResult®.
  • Software development and maintenance can be performed by your own people or Sega Inc.’s engineers.

Sega Inc. offers you the flexibility to tailor your performance needs to your time and budget. Let Sega Inc.’s team of experts help you solve your problems, reduce your operating costs, and save you time.

Version 7.1 Steam Plant Performance and Instrumentation software is ready for download. Several important issues were resolved with version 7.1 and are listed in the associated readme file.

For more information or to place an order, contact us at: (913) 681-2881 or via e-mail at: info@segainc.com
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