Corporate Challenge Champs

DSC08961.3Each year, Kansas City Corporate Challenge (KCCC) brings together companies of all sizes to participate in a little friendly competition. This city-wide Olympic style competition has been taking place since 1980 and includes activities ranging from trapshooting to triathlons. After 14 years of participating, we proudly took home the gold medal this year.

The competition kicks off with a one mile walk and tailgate at the Kansas City Chiefs Stadium in April and concludes with an early morning tug-of-war competition at Longview Lake in late June. Christi Scapillato is the brains behind the Sega team and has been for many years. She puts countless hours into planning and competing in multiple events. When asked why she has remained so involved, she said, “I believe KCCC builds co-worker camaraderie and relationships across departments which wouldn’t normally have been formed otherwise. It makes me proud to see people willing to try something new and help the team. Plus, I love encouraging people and seeing them succeed beyond their expectations. Competing in KCCC helps create a sense of family within our company that I’m proud to be a part of and help lead.”

This year, we broke a Sega record for employees who participated and overall points scored (hence bringing home the gold!). Even if you didn’t earn a medal, you still received points for participating. Because the focus was on participation instead of pure athletic ability, employees weren’t hesitant to jump in and play. An added perk to this method is that you may actually discover a new sport that you enjoy playing. This was the exact experience for one of our engineers, Nichole Herold. “This year I competed in tennis, which I have never played. I found out through Corporate Challenge that I really enjoy playing tennis, and I have continued to play even after the season concluded,” Nichole explained.

Corporate Challenge gives us the opportunity to build relationships with our coworkers while partaking in a little friendly competition. We’re fortunate to live and work in a community that sees the value in events such as these. And finally, after all these years, our hard work has paid off. We have nine months of rest until 2017 KCCC commences. For now, we’ll reminisce on this past year and celebrate the sweet, sweet victory.

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